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In the history of the modern American movies, there are but few legacies of makeup artists.  Only one family features four working generations (2012 is 95+ Years): The Westmores of Hollywood.  With ties to virtually every studio in the annals of cinema; the Westmores created classic beauty makeups back to the earliest years of silent film. They have created some of the best makeups used by screen legend’s and professionals.  Their beauty looks have influenced cultures around the world from Valentino & Pickford, to Hepburn & Bogart, to Ken & Barbie, to Newman & Bullock  the Westmore contributions have not only established trends and styles but levels of excellence.

Legendary Makeup men, The Westmores of Hollywood received their Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  The former honorary Hollywood Mayor and Walk of Fame Chairman, Johnny Grant, described this honor as earned recognition for a combination of professional achievement and community involvement.  Westmores of Hollywood Star celebration was on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 1645 Vine Street – west side of the street, just below Hollywood Boulevard, (Friday) October 3, 2008, (Star # 2,370th)

Pioneers of their industry, Johnny pointed out that – Westmores not only created, but defined the role of makeup artists in Motion Pictures. Wigmaker, George Westmore made history when he opened the very first makeup department in 1917 at Selig-Polyscope Studios.  Georges oldest sons: Monte, Ern, Perc, Wally, Bud & Frank went on to open their own makeup departments at Famous Players Lasky and later Paramount, First National and later Warner Brothers, RKO, Fox, Selznick International and Universal International.  By the 1930s nearly every motion picture studio employed a Westmore heading up their makeup department.

Westmore Historical Promo

Westmore KCAL News Interviews

Westmore Makeup – Back Stage W/Munsters Go Home

Westmore Monster Tribute

Frankenstein’s Monster, Jack Pierce, Wizard of Oz, Planet of the Apes

More – Coming Soon !

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  1. I SO should have been born a Westmore……sigh…. well maybe in my next life. What an amazing contribution to the world and humankind. Thank you for your contributions and inspirations Westmore Family.

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